Which Would You Choose? – Top 10 – Resolutions Of 2018 – New Year, New You

Which Would You Choose? – Top 10 – Resolutions Of 2018 – New Year, New You


So let me guess a whole New Year snuck up on you once again and left you wondering, what can I do differently, how can I grow and make myself more diverse, more distinguished, more well versed, more cultured? How Can I Make This Year Better Than The Last?

“Am I the Me that I want to Be?”

So Let’s Discuss.
What are some things you would like to change in the New Year?
What would you like to do differently?
Let us help. Here are some of the most popular resolutions chosen for 2018.

Volunteer More – Let’s face it, we all have our special abilities and talents and there are ways we can put them to good use for charities, organizations, our local church, the food shelter, or just your next-door neighbour who needs help cleaning the leaves in their yard. We all have something to give, so let’s give back.

Less Social Media – Stop Updating and Start Living. Let’s Face it no one needs to see 20 new pics of that Gourmet Doughnut you just bought or your steamy Latte Art, life is short and is worthy of being lived right here right now, in the moment. Put the phone down and enjoy what’s in front of you.

Travel More – We get so wrapped up in work, and the business of life that we do not take the time to step back and enjoy it. Get out more and look around, it will do you some good and add years to your life.

Try Something New – We live in a world full of options and they are more accessible now than ever with the age of the internet. Find something new that you would like to try and give it a whirl. What’s the worst that could happen accept that you just might expand your horizons, meet new people, and find something new that you love, or hate, but then you would know.

Get Out And Get Active (Daily) – We all need to exercise and be more active daily and it doesn’t take that much to do. Just try to get out and do 30 minutes a day, take a walk, shoot some hoops on the court with a friend or some other ball players on the court, it might be a good way to meet some new people, ride your bike to a coffee shop instead of drive. There are all sorts of things to do to Get Out And Get Active.

Eat Healthily & Eat Local – Go to a local Farmers Market and buy organic vegetables and grass-fed meat. Chances are, it will be less expensive to buy organic and grass-fed there than at your local grocery store, and you will be supporting your local farmers and neighbours. Bonus, you get to eat healthier in the process.

Try A New Recipe – This way you get to Save $$$ by not eating out and learn a new skill by teaching yourself how to cook.

Send Thank You Cards – You know you want to do it and you always set out to do so, but then life gets busy. You can do anything when you set your mind to it, buy a box of Thank You cards the next time you are at the grocery store so that you have them, and then take 5 minutes out of your day and send one out. In the end, you will become a more thankful person in the process and people will enjoy the thought, and maybe just maybe do more nice things for you.

Put The Phone Down At Dinner – People are important and deserve to know you are there with them. When you are out on a date or with people you care about, put the phone down.

Learn A New Skill – The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Pick up a paintbrush and take an art class, Learn a new language (with a free app on your phone called Duolingo), Take a cooking class or baking class, Watch Youtube and learn how to change your oil, your brakes, or how to knit, or pretty much anything that you ever wanted to learn can be found there.

Let’s face it, we are human and there is a lot that we can change about ourselves to make us and the world a better place, that’s what this time of year is all about. This is the time for reflection, to look back and say I will be a better person and it starts here with this (fill in the blank).

From all of us at Jim Morgan’s Dry Cleaning:

Thanks for reading, let’s do this together let’s make 2018 better than 2017, and let’s make the world a better place.