Leather and Suede

Day by day the fashion industry is changing with remixing the old and new designs, fabrics to create more affordable, cosy, stylish clothes for men and women. But you have to agree on one thing, that there are some evergreen choices that are trendy for all time. In prints, polka dots add the classy, retro-look. Also in clothes, some of the finest everlasting examples are leather and suede. Keeping some of these fashion items in your wardrobe can help you a lot. Further, it creates a unique style statement for your outfit.

You must know that suede is also a type of leather with a napped finish. After investing in these clothes you must read the manufacturer’s guidelines where they suggest how to clean and restore for longer durability of the product. The best step is to take the experts to help while cleaning these valuable textiles. Jim Morgan’s Fine Dry Cleaning in Wichita is specializing in providing dry cleaning service that can solve your problem, with 40 years of industrial experience.

Our experts know the suitable conditions for these sensitive materials. For instance, we use specific additives to retain the oil of leather. Normally the oil is used during the tanning process to maintain grace and flexibility. During dry cleaning, the material may lose this so we give special attention to that. Similarly, the rate of shrinkage may get accelerated by improper dry cleaning. But you don’t have to panic as our specialist cleaners are trained and well-known of these major guidelines.

Jim makes sure that all the dry cleaning steps must be conducted in a careful manner like – cleaning, conditioning, polishing, and restoring. While receiving the order we also take care of your special requests and for any query, Jim will personally assist you. We offer you the appropriate and fast service with pick up and delivery facilities as per your requirement.

As a pro tip, you should always store your clothes in a cool, ventilated area to prevent damage and for expert dry cleaning we are eagerly waiting to serve you the best!