In this new era almost all offices, homes, hotels, or banquet halls are incomplete without elegant and beautiful curtains, drapers, etc. Not only does it provide privacy but it also enhances the interior look of the whole space. In order to maintain its look and cleanliness, we offer you our best service at Jim Morgan’s Fine Dry Cleaning’s special department that deals with dry cleaning of all kinds of curtains stuff.

These drapers always carry a theme of the overall interior and also put a positive impact on the viewers. Its colour varies from vibrant colour to white and believes us it spoils your mood if it is not clean or dull in look. Which makes you feel uncomfortable in front of your guest. To maintain its bright colour from looking dull to spotless white, we use the best eco-friendly chemicals of its own concentration, temperature regulation, and also we optimized the pH level of the water.

In addition, we also take care of washing one panel at a time in the machine on the gentle cycle using cold water. Then we remove each curtain panel from the machine immediately to keep the lining from wrinkling and lay them flat to dry. Usually, we don’t dry them in the dryer to avoid shrinking. This way our client can get the best service in Wichita by us. Also for any kind of query, Jim will personally assist you. Also, we offer fast service with pick up and delivery facilities at a reasonable price.

In our dry cleaner service, we provide you excellence in all varieties of drapers like ripple fold drapery, pinch pleat drapery, tailored pleat drapery, and many more. Also with our experts, we deal with all kinds of fabrics like silk, mixed material, chiffon, satin, etc. Different types of draperies but one place solution. We welcome you to experience our premier service in our only store in Wichita.

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