Spring Into Action – & – Start Your Own Urban Garden

Spring Into Action – & – Start Your Own Urban Garden

It’s that time of year again!! Yep, that’s the right time to start planning for your garden. I bet you thought I was gonna say SPRING CLEANING TIME right? Well, I thought about it but I am pretty sure we all have cleaned a house before and who wants to talk about it right?

I just thought I would switch things up and talk about something that is becoming massively popular right now Gardening. I know what you are thinking I live in the city I can’t grow fresh vegetables plus now with companies like DoorDash.com and Instacart.com, I can get all my vegetables and food hand-delivered straight to my door within a few hours. If that’s how you are thinking maybe this article isn’t for you, but if you have ever been intrigued with the possibility of starting your garden but felt limited by the space of your small apartment thinking you do not have the time, or just want to have inexpensive organic vegetables right at your fingertips stick around.

Organic Urban Gardening is Fun and Easy.

Let’s Get Started.

No Space No Problem

Not everyone has a backyard, roof or balcony, but that is ok. Start by getting a bunch of containers, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy it just has to hold soil and offer the plant enough space to grow. You can go buy buckets from the local hardware store, they are inexpensive and offer a lot of space for the plant to set roots but it could also be as simple as an old paint can or crates that you have sitting around or can find for free on craigslist.com. Make sure that whatever you decide to use you poke some holes in the base of the container to allow for proper drainage you do not want to waterlog your plants, this can cause them to die and not produce results.

Choices Choices

Make sure when planning your urban garden that you pick shallow-rooted herbs and vegetables such as herbs, lettuce, and radishes. These kinds of vegetables and herbs typically do better in confined spaces. That’s what makes them perfect for growing in a third-floor apartment or even a small backyard.

“Root” 4 Community

There are many ways to plant your urban garden without it having to take up too much space. There are many local community urban gardens right in your area. Some of these community gardens even offer classes for the novice. The great thing is you can “Grow” your community who share your same interests and meet some new friends and eat healthier all at the same time. Want To Learn More Click Here.

Smart Soil

A common mistake urban gardeners make is not making sure their soil is good quality. While those made with pesticides promise great results, they are loaded with chemicals. Go for organic soil and grow well from the beginning.

Small Spaces – Take 2 New Heights

If you have a small space problem that is ok. Plant vegetables that grow vertically, such as squash, cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes. All of these when put together can also make a great stew, YUM!!!


Make sure you water your plants every morning. After your plants have matured and summer is hot, they will most likely need watering in the evening, as well. Also, a little afternoon shade can help keep them from drying out too quickly.

Have Fun

Gardening is a fantastic way to relieve stress and it is also a ton of fun once you start to get results and see those veggies start to sprout. Nothing says awesome and gives you a sense of accomplishment quite like a fresh salsa handpicked and made with veggies from your very own garden. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t experience the joy of growing what you eat. Enjoy and Happy Planting!!

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