Love Is A Verb – 8 Unique Ways – To Show Love This February

Love Is A Verb – 8 Unique Ways – To Show Love This February

Awwww, love. What a wonderful word. But what is love? Love in its simplest form is a verb and requires action. So in this February, the Month of LOOOVE, how can we show those people most special to us that we love them? Luckily we put together a list for you so, you’re welcome, we know you’re busy.

1. Create A Photo Collage of Your Time Together – This is always a creative way to show someone that you were thinking of them. I prefer to do this the old-fashioned way of having your pictures printed cutting them out with those cute little decorative scissors that cut in cool designs and edges, finding that perfect decorative paper to mount it on and breaking out the good old glue stick, but if you are more into your tech – Download the best Photo Collage App that you can find and get to work. Here are some great ones to choose from – Diptic (has tons of options and designs to customize your collage) and iCollages Pro (fully customizable and fantastic app for the do-it-yourselfer).

2. Do Something Active – We live in a ridiculous society nowadays where doing something active means getting up off the couch and going to pick up a video game and a pizza. Get out there and do something active with your significant other – take them to – Dart Wars (a super fun and unique childhood throwback) – Paintball (this one is a ton of fun, especially for the super competitive) – Go On A Bike Ride (Click the link and take a look there are a ton of bike trails in Wichita) – Ice Skating (just don’t break an arm as my S.O. did) – Roller Blading (let’s bring this back – it is ready for a resurgence). There are tons of things to do, just get creative and get active.

3. Clean the House – Sometimes the simplest gestures go the furthest. Keep it simple.

4. Take A Romantic Walk – There’s nothing romantic to do in Kansas, Au Contrair, one just needs to know where to look. There are tons of amazing and beautiful places to take a romantic walk like, Coronado Heights (an old stone castle on the top of a hill surrounded by lush green countryside), Chisolm Creek Park also known as Great Plains Nature Center (take a stroll in nature with deer on your right and foxes and coyotes and beavers, see what this country used to look like 150 years ago, and great thing is you never have to leave the city.

5. Wash and Detail The Car – Let’s face it everyone loves a clean car and no one has time to clean it for themselves. Do your loved one a favour and pull out a bucket and some Armor All and get to work, don’t have time to make the car sparkle, no problem here are several places that would love to help out with that for a reasonable price – AutoImage (great looking car, for a fair price) – Auto Boutique (above and beyond what is expected)

6. Take A Cooking Class Together – In a world of fast food and microwave dinners it is about time for us to learn how to take care of ourselves. Not only do you get to spend time with your loved one but you learn a new skill that you get to take with you forever, that’s not something that a bag of Taco Bell can deliver, even with Uber Eats. Check out these places and Start Learning To Be Gourmet – The Healthy Cooking Co. and All Things Barbecue, don’t like these selections never fear there are others.

7. Make A Picnic Lunch – Grab a warm blanket the picnic basket and some bread, meat, and cheese, to make your favourite sandwiches, or just good old-fashioned peanut butter and honey, yummy. You can also get super swanky and posh and grab the Stemware and a nice platter to throw together a wine and cheese plate, with some Apple Wood Smoked Gouda, Aged Cheddar and some Havarti, oh and don’t forget the sliced apples (great now I am getting hungry). Anyway around it a picnic is an amazing way to get out and get reconnected to the person you love and get back into nature.

8. One Word – SpaDay – Ok well technically it’s two words, but when you take a Spa Day everything kind of blurs together into perfect relaxation. So here take your pick of the Best Spas In Wichita.

We hope you find awesome ways to reconnect with those that you love and show them that you care.

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