3 Fool Proof Ways To Get Rid Of Grass Stains – Say Sayonara to Summer Stains (A Summer Stain Series) –

3 Fool Proof Ways To Get Rid Of Grass Stains – Say Sayonara to Summer Stains (A Summer Stain Series) –

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I love summer, my kids love summer, my friends love summer, everyone loves summer, except on laundry day.

Summer is a devastating time for your clothes, we have outdoor parties, outings to the park, you have hiking, camping, bike rides, evening walks in the warm breeze, Barbecues. All the things we love about summer are all the things that we hate about summer when it comes to keeping your clothes clean, your whites white and your colors vibrant.

That is why we are launching this Summer Series entitled – Sayonara Summer Stains.

June – GRASS STAIN Month
July – All Things Barbecue Month
August – Beat The HEAT Month

So lets get right to it and Destroy these stains for good.

Method 1 – Removing With Liquid Detergent and Vinegar

1Pretreat the stain.

Remove excess dirt and grass,  then pre-treat the grass stain for the best results. Pretreat your stain by dabbing a mixture of warm water and white vinegar 50/50 blend. Pour your mixture over the stain saturating it fully to ensure deep penetration by the vinegar. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes.
  • Do not ever use fruit vinegar for treating stains. Only use plain white vinegar.

2. Apply detergent directly.

After your vinegar solution has sat on the clothing item for five minutes, apply laundry detergent directly to the stain. If available, use a detergent that has bleach. Bleach contains enzymes which help break down grain stains.

  • Using powder detergent? Try mixing a dash of water into the powder to make it more paste like then rub into the stain for best results.

3Massage the stain.

Apply the detergent and then gently massage the stain. The longer you massage the more effective the treatment is likely to be but be careful to not massage too hard or you may damage the fabric depending on the kind of fabric you are working with. After massaging for several minutes, allow the detergent to sit.


4Rinse and check.

After the stain has set for 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water. Check the stain to see if it has been removed. It should be much lighter, if not completely removed. If the stain still shows, you can repeat the process with water, vinegar, and detergent until the stain has been removed.

Method 2 – Removing With Alcohol

1Wet the stain with isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol is a solvent that can remove any color from stains. This includes grass stains. Wet the stain with a sponge or cotton swab and dab with alcohol.

  • If you’re working on a delicate fabric, try a 50:50 solution of water and alcohol.

2Air dry and rinse.

Allow the stain to complete air dry before moving forward. The alcohol will evaporate out of the stain and most of the pigment should be dislodged. After the stain is dry, rinse it with cool water.

    • Using cool water prevents the stain from setting. Use of hot water, or heat at all, will set the stain and make it more difficult to remove.

3Apply liquid detergent.

Apply a small amount of detergent to the stain. Massage for at least five minutes, but the longer the better. Once you’re satisfied with your massaging, rinse the stain with cold water until the water runs clear.



4Check the stain.

Allow the garment to air dry. Once it is dry, check to see if the stain is gone. If not, repeat the process. If the stain has been removed, you can launder the item as normal.




Method 3 – Removing With DIY – Stain Remover

1Mix your DIY-remover. 

If you’re stain is being stubborn grass stain, try using a homemade stain remover. Mix ¼ cup bleach, ¼ cup peroxide and ¾ cups cold water into a container. The combination of hydrogen peroxide with bleach will work as an incredible stain remover.

  • When working with bleach and peroxide, mix in a well-ventilated area to prevent inhalation of fumes.
  • Never substitute bleach with ammonia. Ammonia is known to immediately set a stain.
  • Bleach is known to change the color of a garment. Always spot test on an inconspicuous location before applying the mixture to the stain.

2Apply, massage and let sit. 

Place your homemade solution onto the stained area. Allow it to saturate the stain. Next, massage it in gently. Once you’ve massaged for several minutes, put the garment somewhere safe and allow it to sit. Ideally your solution can sit on your clothing for 30-60 minutes, but longer is better.



3Rinse and check.

Once your item has finished sitting, give it a thorough rinse. Check to see if the stain has disappeared. If there is still traces, feel free to apply your DIY-remover again. If it is gone, you can launder the clothing as normal.

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