30 years of same day service. We can handle any job you bring us.

30 years of same day experience

Jim Morgan’s Fine Dry Cleaning

Jim Morgan’s Fine Dry Cleaning is a full-service dry cleaner and shirt laundry specializing in high quality and friendly customer service. We pay close attention to details throughout the entire dry cleaning process, and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, your garments will be cleaned and pressed to perfection. Jim Morgan’s Fine Dry Cleaning is truly a full-service dry cleaner; we clean anything from suits, dresses, trousers, comforters to draperies. What separates Jim Morgan’s Fine Dry Cleaning from the other dry cleaners is we only have one location, and Jim is here to wait on you personally and answer any questions, whether you are in our store or on the telephone. Jim makes sure personally that your special requests are taken care of. We have customers that drive from every area of Wichita and the surrounding towns because of the service that we provide. We truly appreciate your business.

Business professionals trust us to make them look their best every day. Whether it's your finest suit or your whitest button down shirt or one of your favorite ties we take great care in making you look your best for that luncheon, an important business meeting or that video teleconference, no matter what it is we’ll be there to make you look your best.
From Wedding gowns and formal dresses to Tuxedos and beyond - Our Formal Wear Department takes extra special care for those big moments in life to keep you looking your best. We have over 30 years of experience right here in Wichita to handle the most delicate fabrics and sheer materials, ornamentals and sequins.
Do you have a job interview and need to dress to impress? You have found the right place. We have been making people look their best here in Wichita for over 30 years. We will crease your sleeves and starch your shirts to your precise liking. You can do your stride of pride and walk into the interview with the utmost confidence. Have I told you look good because you do.
Your window treatments are an expression of you, lined, pleated or sheer you can trust us to make them look as good as the day you bought them. We have been working with some of Wichita’s finest window treatments and drapes for over 30 years and we can be trusted with anything that comes through those doors.
Whether it is linens, curtains, towels, comforters or concierge service, we have got your hotel, motel, Bed and Breakfast, or Air B&B covered. Not only can we get it done right and fast we pick up and deliver. Whatever service you require, we have got you covered.
We know that in your profession “Cleanliness is King” and let’s face it your job can get pretty dirty sometimes. That’s where we come in. We can help you and your staff get back to Clean in no time and you will look good doing it. Also, we know that you are busy that’s why we pick up and deliver, so you can get back to those who need you most.
Wedding gowns


We are Wichita’s Premiere Full Service Dry Cleaner. We have the professional experience to handle any task that is brought to us and since we have been in the community for as long as we have, we most likely have already encountered it. We invite you to come and be a part of the Jim Morgan Fine Dry Cleaning Experience.

  • Button Down Shirts
  • Business Professional Dry Cleaning
  • Wedding and Formal Wear
  • Leather and Suede
  • Business Suits
  • Pants and Slacks
  • Draperies
  • Medical and Doctors Office
  • Pick Up
  • Delivery
  • Hotel and Concierge Service
  • Same Day Service Available
  • Quick and Professional
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jordan b&w Circle

I am usually the guy who irons his own shirts but I will say Jim has converted me to this whole dry cleaning thing. I took two shirts into his shop and I got them back the next day, Pressed, Starched and Looking Sharp. Their prices are very affordable even for someone on my limited budget.


They were the only place opened later on a weekend. Clothes look great and it was really reasonably priced to have suits, dress shirts, and dress jackets done here. Definitely, recommend.


Beechwood Dr, Lower, NY 11559, USA
+1 916-875-2235