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Jim Morgan Fine Dry Cleaning Spring Cleaning Time
01 Mar: It’s Spring. Time To CLEAN!!!
Hey Wait Just A Minute!! Is it just me or did spring just sneak up on us? It was literally yesterday that I felt like an overstuffed burrito wrapping myself in thick blankets and sweaters on the couch and then the next day WHAM!!
Jim Morgans Fine Dry Cleaning Love is A Verb
01 Feb: Love Is A Verb – 8 Unique Ways – Show Love This February
Awwww love. What a wonderful word. But what is love really? Love in it's simplest form is a verb and requires action. So in this February, the Month of LOOOVE, how can we show those people most special to us that we love them. Luckily we put together a list for you so, you're welcome, we know you're busy.
Jim Morgan Fine Dry Cleaning Thanksgiving Day Tips and Tricks
Thanksgiving Dinner is over and the kids are draped over couches and chairs in a turkey induced coma watching football on the TV. The dishes are piled high and if you are anything like my family the minute you start to put things away everyone begins to drag themselves back into the kitchen for round 2.
30 Oct: Fall Cleaning, Yes It’s A Thing…
It's Fall, reds and gold dance in the cool Autumn breeze, pumpkins are carved lining walkways and drives, the morning air is crisp and leaves drift slowly down to the dew dipped grass. Yes its true fall has arrived.